A Gathering Darkness

1st Adventure, Part 1

Dan (Cazmus), Hillary (Alorenval)

Cazmus & Alorenval find themselves lost in the Orlesian city of Val Firmin after a crooked Orlesian caravan leader abandoned them there without pay. As the two survey the scene, two young boys clad in sky blue cloaks steal Cazmus’s throwing axe and Alorenval’s money pouch and run off into the crowd. Alorenval notices the thieves and alerts Cazmus. The two Fereldens manage to corral one of the children in a back alley where Cazmus brutally cuts down the young cutpurse.

While Alorenval hides the body in a nearby hay cart Cazmus enters a nearby tavern covered in the child’s blood and orders a drink. Alorenval wounds herself to play up the elf slave angle and loudly apologizes for making her master (Cazmus) mad. playing the blood off as hers. Before the two even have a chance to rest more blue cloaked children attack with throwing knives before racing into the crowds.

The group races into a crowded thoroughfare with Cazmus in the lead but loses sight of the child. Realizing how conspicuous a blood spattered Ferelden in middle of Orlais look, Cazmus decides to duck into a tavern to quickly wash off the blood. Meanwhile Alorenval remains outside and notices a merchant flag down a group of city guard visiting a local tavern.

Realizing that Cazmus has been made, Alorenval decides to wait and watch for an opportunity. Seeing a young messenger run by Alorenval flags down the boy and sends him in to the tavern to warn Cazmus with a cryptic message. Cazmus shrugs at the vague warning and continues to cleanup. The boy runs out with the scary Ferelden man’s reply to the consternation of Alorenval. She prepares to send the boy in again when she notices several city guard surrounding the tavern.

Realizing she can do nothing for Cazmus, Alorenval begins to leave when she notices several more guardsmen canvasing the street. She also notices the merchant signal for the guards and nodding in her direction. Alorenval attempts to avoid the guards and mix amongst the crowd. However she is quickly captured and detained.

Cazmus fares no better when he attempts to leave the tavern and is surrounded by city guard demanding his surrender. The two are disarmed and taken to the garrison where they are informed that the boy Cazmus killed was none other that the son and heir of Baroness Brienne Valmonte du Val Firmin.

The young boy had gathered a young gang of ruffians as his own Thieves Guild denoted by the sky blue cloaks they wear. The city guard turns a blind eye to their petty thievery due to his status as heir to Val Firmin and close ties to the Empress of Val Royeaux

The duo are manacled and together and loaded into a prison wagon sentenced to hard labor in the Salt mines of Salumet near the Abyssal Rift



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