A Gathering Darkness

2nd Adventure

Dan (Cazmus), Hillary (Alorenval)

Riegger and Grakkus task the new Grey Wardens with procuring provisions for the journey into the Deep Roads and order them to visit one of the nearby villages to confiscate whatever food they can find while Riegger and Grakkus continue on to a ruined Chantry monestary known to have an entrance to the Deep Roads.

The Fereldens, with Antivan merchant in tow, travel to a nearby village where they discover wooden palisades surrounding the remote fishing village of Roussillet. The party announces their approach as Grey Wardens much to the relief of the beleaguered village.

The mayor informs the party that Roussillet has become the last bastion of civilization thanks to the predation of the darkspawn raiders. Villagers from the outlying farming communities have fled to village in hopes of finding some safety. He also mentions that those with weapons left a week ago to pursue the darkspawn, but none have returned.

Cazmus asks the mayor how the food stores are. The mayor informs him that while they should be ok with smoked fish their grain stores are quite low since the darkspawn have raided the outlying farms. Alorenval attempts to negotiate for the grain but the mayor will not yield.

The group discusses their options while the mayor and what few hunters he has left watch the Grey Wardens warily. Cazmus suggests taking the food stores by force. Alorenval suggests an alternative and asks the mayor how many farmers it would take to reap the fields that are still out there to replace the stores the village already has. The mayor mentions that they have no way to carry the grain back to the village. The group offers the use of thier cart provided their other goods are stored somewhere that they will not be damaged or stolen. The mayor offers to store the party’s excess gear in the winter boathouse.

She offers on behalf of the group to guard the workers while they harvest the fields that hopefully have not been corrupted by the taint. The mayor asks for volunteers and five youngsters step forward.

As part of the trade for the grain Alorenval and Cazmus hands over 6 of the longswords taken from the baroness’s soldiers and begins training them while Nick’s character oversees the unloading of the cart.

Once the cart is ready the group departs to the fields. The corrupted wilderness does not go by unnoticed by the party and the group realizes that they need to search farther out from Roussillet. Eventually they arrive at a grouping of fields that appear untouched by the taint. The farmers immediately the farmers go to work while the Grey Wardens patrol the perimeter.

Surprisingly the farmers work unmolested and gather the grain. However their toils do not go unnoticed and a large pack of blight wolves notices the group and tracks them as the parry heads back to the village.

As the sun sets the blight wolves swarm the the Grey Wardens and their wards. The group manages to drive off the corrupted hounds but one of the farmers is wounded. Cazmus, believing the man has become tainted, cuts the farmer down in cold blood in front of the other farmers.

When the Grey Wardens arrive with the grain the farmers inform the mayor about he Cazmus’s brutal slaughter of their friend. The mayor grudgingly gives the grey Wardens the grain and orders them out of the village.



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