A Gathering Darkness

3rd Adventure

Andrew (Decado/Dante Del le Croix), Dan (Cazmus), Hillary (Alorenval), Rachel (Elyse Del le Croix)

Elyse is sent on a mission on behalf of the Circle to meet find various rare herbs located in the Dales. She will be escorted by a young templar by the name of Johain. Before she leaves Master Picard informs her of her mission, to meet a group of Apostates, former circle magi known as the Broken Circle, who are in league with Jean-Luc and follow them to an unused entrance to the deep roads at the ruins of an old abandoned chantry monestary to pay for a large order of supplies from a group of dwarven black marketeers.

Once the supplies have been purchased Elyse is to bring back a small portion of the goods while the Apostates take the rest. Master Picard lets it be known that if the templar Johain, a fairly corrupt individual, somehow grows a spine and confronts the apostates, Elyse is ordered to kill him.

Elyse and the young templar gather their mounts and go to purchace supplies in the city. Decado, an apprentice to Jelasco “The Croaker” of the Antivan Crows notices the young mage and her escort travelling through the city. While older than the last time he saw her as a small child, Decado recognizes his long lost sister.

Distracted by this sudden revelation, the subtle assassination he and his mentor were tasked with goes wrong. What was supposed to be an “accidental” death turned into a vicious brawl. Jelasco kills the mark but due to the obvious cause of death he knows people will be looking for them. The Croaker berates Decado and orders him to gather their things and informs him that they will be leaving to Ferelden until the heat has dissipated.

Decado leaves to gather their things but secretly follows his sister. Discretely questioning the different merchants she visits he discovers her task and destination. He returns to his master and the two leave Val Royeaux hours after Elyse and her escort leave the city.

As the weeks pass by Elyse meets up with the apostates in Val Firmin and heads south to the ruined monastery. Decado attempts to steer his master onto the same path as his sister but Jelasco insists on taking the imperial highway all the way to Denerim.

Realizing that his sister is heading into dangerous territory, made all the worse by the persistent rumors of darkspawn bands raiding the countryside, Decado decides to leave his master and follow after his sister, even though it means a potential death sentence from the Crows.

Elyse and her party enter the Deep Roads to meet the dwarven marketeers but is ambushed by darkspawn. Several of the apostates are slain and the rest are forced deeper into the Deep Roads to lose their pursuers. Unfortunately in their haste the group stumbles into a nest of giant spiders who quickly defeat the group, cocooning them for later meals.

The Present

Decado notices the Grey Wardens and their cart full of goods heading towards the chantry monastery. He easily evades notice and heads to the courtyard where a foul reek originates. Riegger and Grakkus are disposing of the corpses of several darkspawn, burning the bodies to prevent the taint from corrupting the land anymore than it already has.

Riegger and Alorenval search the tracks at the entrance to the Deep Roads and notices a pair of slim boot prints. Riegger surmises that the tracks are made by an elven woman or a small child. Alorenval compares her bootmark to the other imprint. Both agree that the print is most likely from an elven woman, an added worry to the group of women that were already taken.

As the two return to prepare for the jouney underground, Decado sneaks to the entrance and notices the dainty tracks and decides to enter into the Deep Roads ahead of the Grey Wardens.

As the Grey Wardens head out, Alorenval notices a new set of elven prints that were not there before. Riegger calls out to the elven stalker to reveal themselves. Decado continues to explore the Deep Roads heedless of the dwarf’s threats.

The travel ins intense but uneventful until Decado enters a darkened chamber burrowed out of the rockface as a detour around a collapsed portion of the Deep Roads. With surprising speed Decado is ensnared by a giant spider’s webbing and is slowly drawn towards the arachnid.

His struggles to get out of the webbing gain the attention of the Grey Wardens and Elyse who is cocooned nearby. She screams in spite of her worries that she will draw the attention of the other spiders lurking nearby.

Alorenval, Cazmus, & Riegger charge into the fray and assist the elves in narrowly defeating the den of arachnids. After the battle Elyse uses what’s left of her power to heal the group as best she can but the battle had depleted her strength.

Riegger orders Elyse to question the elves as to what they are doing in the Deep Roads while he harvests the spiders venom. After speaking with the elves the party members search the cavern. Elyse looks for signs of the other mages and Johain. All she discovers is the desicated husk of a templar in rusted armor, but is unable to discern whether it was Johain’s body.

Alorenval finds a group of letters on the armored corpse and secretly palms them without Elyse noticing. When Alorenval scans the letters she notices they are written in a language which she does not recognize. She decides not to inform the circle mage of the letters and pockets them for further examination.

The group decides to camp in the cavern for the night so Elyse may regain her power.



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