A Gathering Darkness

4th Adventure

*Players *
Andrew (Decado/Dante Del le Croix), Hillary (Alorenval), Rachel (Elyse Del le Croix)

The party rests for only a couple of hours before Alorenval, who is currently taking watch with Riegger, notices movement down the tunnel. Riegger informs her to wake the others while he goes to take a closer look. Alorenval quietly does so.

Riegger quickly return and informs the group that a large force of darkspawn are heading their way from the tunnel they originally entered and that several ogres are with them. The group scurries to depart deeper into the Deep Roads and avoid detection. Worried that they cannot hitch the horses to the cart in time, Grakkus pulls the cart by hand with great effort while while the rest of the group leads the horses deeper into the Deep Roads

The group manages to stay ahead of the darkspawn raiders and comes across a fork in the tunnels with a pair of worn wagon tracks



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