Templar of the Chantry in Orlais


A bastard child of a minor noble and a chantry priestess, Johain was raised as a part of the Chantry as soon as he was born. His mother gave him over to the Chantry orphanages not wishing to bear a constant reminder of her shame.

a lifetime of the Chantry’s teachings groomed the young man towards a position within the Templar order and when he came of age joined the Templars. After earning his spurs the young knight was sent on a mission escorting a delegation of mages from the Orlais circle to the circle in Ferelden.

However Johain found his first taste of life outside the walls of the Chantry to be intoxicating and soon delved into fine wines and finer women. His debauchery hit an all time low by the time the delegation arrived in Ferelden and the Templar commander in charge of the delegation ordered Johain be thrown in the dungeon until such time as he quit disgracing the order.

During his imprisonment he was tended to by a young beautiful mage by the name of Celene of South Reach. The two developed and intimate relationship which culminated in Celene becoming pregnant.

After being released from his cell Celene begged him to help her escape so their child could live free. Johain’s love overcame all of his teachings and agreed. To overcome any suspicion Johain stayed behind. The couple planned to meet later once the heat had died down. Johain gave her his father’s signet ring, the only proof he had of a possible noble lineage. Celene gave him a locket, a small reliquary with a lock of her hair.

Little did Johain know that the contacts he used to smuggle Celene out of the tower were the very same Master Picard had developed along with several other Libertines. Celene was to send a letter to Johain back in Orlais once she had safely eluded the templars.

Johain impatiently waited for his love’s reply for two years. until one day he came across a report from the main Ferelden Cathedral to the Divine in Val Royeaux. In the reports it stated that a group of temlpars investigating rumors of a witch near the Brecilian Forest. The report went on to describe that the witch, heavy with child, entered into a small Bann to gather supplies and was accosted by a drunken freeman. The woman used magic to defend herself killing her assailant. The villagers, fearful of magic, stoned the woman and burned her at the stake. The templars arrived after the apostate was naught but ash. The only evidence to her identity a description by the villagers and a charred and partially melted ring found in the ashes.

Johain saw Celene’s death as punishment by the Maker for his selfish acts. He tried to lose himself in drink, in pleasures of the flesh, and even Antivan narcotics. Unreliable at the least, the templars relegated Johain to minor tasks within the Circle in Orlais, however steeped in his depression the young templar didn’t seem to mind. A situation Master Picard found most intriguing.


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